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How To Use Credo Reference: Home

What is Credo Reference?

Credo Reference is used to find information on all subjects out of 607 reference sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, biographies and more.   All of the resources in Credo Reference are reputable, high quality and trustworthy.  They are also searchable in several ways to make it easier for you to find what you need.


This database has broad coverage in everything from Art to Business to Geography to History to Language to Law to Literature to Medicine to Psychology to Science to Social Sciences to Technology and all basic reference works inbetween.



Some subject areas are better represented with more titles than others, though new titles are always being added.



If you were looking for articles about "Depression" the disease and typed in just "Depression" your results would yield mainly information about the Great Depression and Tropical Depressions. 

By adding the word "Mental" to your search, i.e. "Mental Depression" you then get a list of results about the disease Depression, which is what you were looking for in the first place.