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How To Use Credo Reference: Search Results

Search Result List

Your results list will generally look like this:

If it is available for your topic, there is what's called a Topic Page, which will be the first result.  This entry is set up differently and includes the encyclopedia entry, images from Credo, alternative definitions, more entries from Credo, related topics, selected databases, books from Google books and videos from YouTube all within that entry rather than just the entry from a regular Credo source that all other entries are composed of.

A standard encyclopedia entry will look like this.  Some can be very long, others very short and everything inbetween.  The word count is always given on the results page so you know how long the entry will be. 

You have the option to search within the book the entry came out of, look at related entries, and search other databases.

Under "Print & Export" you can print or export your entry to any one of the citation managers listed that you have access to.  ASU has EasyBib and Zotero.

In this bar across the top you have the option to listen to sound files, email the entry to yourself, print, save the entry to your Saved Results (which only saves while you are in this Credo session) and Share & Export, which does the same thing as explained above, but also lets you share on facebook and twitter.