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Columbia College Hollywood LRC: Video Lectures

The homepage of the Columbia College Hollywood Library

Class Lectures

Brand Identity

  • Design Process Review Branding presentation Design in Nature - logo design Assignments (1 Hour 5 Min)

The Elements of Iconic Design

  • The Elements of Iconic Design
  • The Process of Design pt1.
  • Design and nature and logo systems

The Process of Design Part II

  • Logo Grid, Logo Colors, Brand Books (1 Hour 42 min)

Design Tips

  • Communications Theory and Symbiotics (39 min)

More on Logos



Introduction and Demo

  • Packaging introduction and small scale mockup demo

Branding and Indesign Demo

  • Concepting and sketching methods

Layout basics and set up for final process books

  • Sustainability in design and research methods

Adobe Dimension

  • Dielines and graphics in Illustrator

Creating dielines

  • Package Mockups Part 1 Adobe Dimension CC

Combining documents and dielines from scratch

  • Package Mockups Part 2, Integrating Dimension with Illustrator

More on working with dielines

  • Package Mockups Part 3, Photoshop + Adobe Assets + Illustrator

Package Modeling

  • Working with Illustrator for package modeling

Pack Resources and Color Palettes

  • Dimension advanced and demo




  • Introduction to information graphics and data visualization forms

Visualizing with data blocks

  • data blocks Intro
  • History and strategy for data visualization and why it is a relevant solution for clients

Data Visualization and Brand Storytelling

  • Using Illustrator to your advantage when creating infographics with data blocks

Data Rules

  • Appeal & Comprehension with the third partner— Retention completing out the infographic three. Also, a deeper look at how Data Circles function and a dissection of three appealing & clear examples.

 Visualizing with Data Waves

  • Analyzing & processing a data set.
  • Utilizing Adobe Illustrator for Data Circles & going beyond those pesky pie charts.

Adobe Illustrator

  • Getting to know Adobe Illustrator and an introduction to paths

Intro Demo

  • Creating elements using the drawing tools and color

Drawing with shapes

  • Layer tips and using gradients, blends, and patterns


  • Using brushes and how to use effects and graphic styles

Sketch to vector method

  • Sketches and Inspiration

Blend Tool

  • Building out your assets - Type, color, and graphics

Composition and blocking

  • Poster composition and blocking



Introduction to Photoshop

  • Discussion and breakdown of Photoshop CC workspace and tools, file types and resolution, navigation of open files, Adobe Bridge to open images, ethics of image manipulation

Adjust layers and masks

  • Masking, basic layers, and adjustment layers

Image Manipulation Conference

  • Creating selections and refining the edge of selections, alpha channels, antialiasing, channels
  • Create Composite Image Using Selections


  • Discuss, demo and practice the basics of color and creating a color wheel
  • How to create color themes using Adobe Color Themes, color harmony rules

Using healing tools to fix a photo

  • Adjusting and repairing using clone stamp tools
  • Content aware move tool, reading and manipulating histograms


  • Working with the type tool, basic typography, clipping type to images, typing on a path, warping type, and creating 3D type
  • Typographic Design Assignment -Advanced Compositing Smart Filters
  • Apply color effects to selected areas of an image
  • Apply filters to create various effects

Mixer brush and liquify

  • Using the shape tools, brush preset and custom brushes

Pen Tool

  • The pen tool
  • Outputting files for various formats and uses
  • Compression techniques to control file sizes

Videos coming soon!

Videos coming soon!

Videos Coming Soon!

Videos coming soon!