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Safari Books Online - Business and Tech Books: Browsing

Browse Tips

1. The Books and Short cuts links will take you to lists of all books and short cuts available at your institution.

Short Cuts are documents that provide details on a very specific topic or that introduce new technology or advances before a great deal of information is publicly available.

2. Featured categories are categories that are popular among all Safari customers.

3. All books are assigned to at least one top level category and up to four sub categories. Safari Tech Books Online has 21 top level categories; Safari Business Books has 13 top level categories. Click on the triangle icon to see the sub categories.

There are 8 primary subject areas:

  • Desktop & Web Applications
  • Digital Media
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology & Software Development
  • Math & Science
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Product (Excel, iPhone etc)
  • Vendor (companies)

4. Browse publishers is closed by default. Click on the link and you will se a list of publishers (Microsoft, Adobe and many others) with links to the books.

5. The View all titles button takes you to a complete list of all books and Short cuts available at your institution.

6. Top Title ranking is based on all Safari subscribers. However, the Top Title list is dynamic and only shows titles that are in the account’s subscription.