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Safari Books Online - Business and Tech Books: Content Reader (full text)

Content Reader (full text)

Content Reader (full text) Tips

1. The This Book link takes you back to the Catalog Page, where you can get more information about the book.

2. The Search feature is hidden by default, open by clicking on the triangle icon. You can search the whole book, a chapter or a page. The result list can be sorted by Relevancy or Sequential (page order).

3. The Contents feature is open by default and contains the table of contents of the book. By clicking the triangle icon, you can view every part of a chapter. The title of the page you are currently looking at is marked in bold.

4. The blue bar above the text contains the following functions:

  • Print -  this will only print the page you are currently viewing. You are only able to print 1 page at a time.
  • Email this page  - you can send an email which contain a link to the page you are currently viewing.
  • Thumbnails
  • Zoom
  • Two pages view
  • Touch scroll - adjust scrolling sensitivity for touch devices.
  • Grab Mode
  • Fit width/Fit page
  • Full screen/Normal screen
  • Next/Previous page
  • Durable page URL
  • Show search terms (search terms are by default marked in yellow)

When holding the mouse over the buttons in the top bar, you can see which keyboard shortcuts you can use (for instance key v for Thumbnail view). In some cases there is also a button for HTML view.